AZ Flattrack Racing

Awards -  Pay Off - Points

Amateur Classes
Youth Classes will get awards for top 3 finishing positions, no matter how many are in the class.

All Adult Classes with  4 or more entrants will be given awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Any Adult Classes with less than  4 entrants will only be awarded 1st place.

Open Pro will be paid cash, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd based, on a minimum of 4 in the class and on the following schedule.

Open Pro Purse – Guaranteed Minimum
4 Entries          1st - $75           2nd - $45           3rd - $25          
5 Entries          1st - $100         2nd - $50          3rd - $30          
6 Entries          1st - $120         2nd - $60          3rd - $35          
7 Entries          1st - $130         2nd - $65           3rd - $40          
8 Entries          1st - $140         2nd - $70           3rd - $45
9 Entries          1st - $150         2nd - $75           3rd - $50
10 Entries        1st - $200        2nd - $125         3rd - $100
11 Entries         1st - $225         2nd - $150        3rd - $125
12 Entries        1st - $250         2nd - $175         3rd - $150

Season Points will be awarded to each class, based on the Main Event finishes, to a maximum of 12 places.
You must be a current AZFR Member to receive points.

Main Event “DNF’s” will be awarded season points for their finishing position if the competitor made the initial start with a running motorcycle capable of running the race in a safe manner. Motorcycle with flat tires, dead engines, oil leaks or similar conditions that would make them unsafe or incapable of running the race will not be allowed to line up and will NOT be eligible to receive points.

Any racer Black flagged for Unsportsmanlike Conduct will NOT receive season points.

Racers Black flagged and removed from competition for mechanical related issues or problems will receive last place points.

Heats and Semis are not eligible for season points.

The implementation of a Semi Main or “B” Main will be at the discretion of the AZFR Director.

* Special Events or Special Races may deviate from our standard points system.  Any deviation will be announced in advance.

Season Points are to be awarded according to the following schedule.
“A” Mains                                                                  “B” Mains (if necessary)

1st place           – 50 pts                                               1st place           – 30 pts                     
2nd place          – 48 pts                                               2nd place          – 28 pts
3rd place          – 46 pts                                               3rd place          – 26 pts
4th place           – 44 pts                                               4th place           – 24 pts
5th place           – 42 pts                                               5th place           – 22 pts
6th place           – 40 pts                                               6th place           – 20 pts
7th place           – 38 pts                                               7th place           – 19 pts
8th place           – 36 pts                                               8th place           – 18 pts
9th place           – 35 pts                                               9th place           – 17 pts
10th place         – 34 pts                                               10th place         – 16 pts
11th place         – 33 pts                                               11th place         – 15 pts
12th place         – 32 pts                                               12th place         – 14 pts

Season Points Championship
An overall Season Points Champion will be named at the end of the season, for each class, based on an accumulated total of points from all eligible races in that class during the season.

To be eligible, a rider must be an AZFR member and compete in a minimum of 50% of the scheduled races for that season.

Awards will be presented to the TOP 3 in points for each class with 5 entrants or more.

Awards will be presented to the TOP 2 in points for each class that only met the minimum of 4 entrants.

Awards for classes with less than 4 entrants will only be presented 1st place.

Youth Classes will be presented Awards for the TOP 3 with no requirement for a minimum number of entrants.

Any class, that due to a lack of entries, is not run at 50% of the race dates, will not receive any Season awards.