Riders are required to know what every flag / light means; and abide by them.

(RED, GREEN or YELLOW flags and/or lights will be used at the start and during a race or practice.)

This flag / light indicates the start of the race. 
(Used during practice, it indicates that the start or resumption of full speed is approved.)

Caution! There is something on the track that requires the rider’s attention to avoid it.
It is not necessarily required that a racer slows down, only to proceed with extra caution to what brought out the yellow. Lap counting continues.
This flag may be displayed in a corner, or the starter may use a flag and/or light.
(Used during practice, it indicates that only slow speed is approved at this time.)

When the red flag / light is displayed, the race is being stopped for an emergency situation. 
The riders’ hand should be raised to warn the riders behind them. Do not race back to the line. 
Scoring was suspended at the completion of the previous lap.
While taking into consideration the riders behind you and emergency personnel who may be entering the track, safely move off the racing line and slowly come to a stop near the starting line. Do not go past the starting line.
(Follow the same procedure if displayed during practice.)

Blue with Yellow Stripe
Display of this flag indicates that faster riders are about to pass.
Maintain your speed and line. Do NOT make any erratic movements.
This flag may or may not be displayed during a race.

Green and White flags furled (rolled up) and crossed
This may or may not be displayed during a race.
If shown, it indicates the half way point of the race.

Green and White flags furled (rolled up) and held upright, side by side
This may or may not be displayed during a race.
If shown, it indicates 2 laps to go.

Black Flag, furled (rolled up)
When a furled black flag is pointed at a competitor, race officials are watching that competitor closely. It is a warning that the rider is doing something of which the officials do not approve, and those actions must end immediately. Or of a potential mechanical problem or issue that they are watching.

Black Flag, open
The rider to whom the black flag was displayed must pull off the track, in a safe manner, to the infield near the official. Scoring for that rider has ended.
When that race is completed, the rider will be given a brief  explanation by the referee or starter regarding the rules infraction. Any further discussion will take place at an appropriate break, or after the races, between the racer and Race Director.
A black flag may be displayed if your motorcycle needs repair, is leaking fluids or other potentially hazardous conditions or behaviors are displayed. 
Or for an on track violation that was considered Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Season points, for last place, will be awarded to a rider that was removed from competition by a black flag for a mechanical issue.
​Season points will not be awarded for a black flag that arose from unsportsmanlike conduct during the race.

There is one lap left to complete the race.

Black and White Checkered
This signifies the end of the race. 

Maintain your speed and line 

AFTER crossing the finish line, DO NOT SHUT OFF THE THROTTLE OR JUMP ON THE BRAKE.  Maintain your speed and line, slowing down in a safe  manner on the back straight while taking into consideration the riders behind you. Raise one hand and slowly and cautiously exit the track at the prescribed location.
Corner Flagmen / Safety Workers
Their primary responsibility is to alert racers of any hazard they may be approaching by displaying a Yellow flag.
They are not EMT's and will not attend to any downed racer beyond making every effort to ensure that other racers know of the hazard on the track.
They will not assist a downed rider in getting up, starting their bike, or pushing their bike off of the racing surface unless a situation dictates that the track go RED and the race has stopped.


Adult Classes
It is the responsibility of the downed racer, when able and conditions permit, to as quickly and safely as possible, remove themselves and motorcycle to a safe location in the infield.
If the track does not go Red, the downed rider may return to the ongoing race, when safe to do so.
If the track goes Red, and the race is stopped, the downed rider may be allowed to make the restart.

DO NOT attempt to draw or force a Red Flag. This could result in a disqualification or a penalized starting position in the restart. The decision is up to AZFR Track Officials and not subject for debate or dispute.

Under Red conditions, family, friends, pit crew, etc are NOT allowed onto the track, unless a Track Official gives specific permission for someone to enter the track to assist the rider, and/or motorcycle, back to the pits.

Youth Classes 
One parent, or designee, may be allowed to accompany the youth to the starting line for assistance in starting or exiting the track after the completion of the race. 
After the start this assistant will stand in an area in the infield, that is removed from the racing surface and does not interfere with the responsibilities and duties of the Starter or safety workers.

In the event of a Yellow Flag or crash, they are not to go onto the racing surface, unless directed to do so by the starter or safety worker, in order to remove the youth and/or motorcycle to a safe location in the infield.

If the track has gone Red, and the race has been completely stopped, with official approval , they will be allowed to assist the downed racer.
Youth racers may also be allowed to make the restart.

*If for any reason a rider, Youth or Adult, will not able to make the 2 minute restart, they should immediately notify the Starter or Track Official.


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