AZ Flattrack Racing



Practice - Break - Heats - Break - Mains

Additional breaks may or not be necessary during the event for track maintenance.

Riders will be assigned a race/group number.
A full list will be posted at Sign In and/or at an additional location.
It is the rider’s responsibility to know which race/group he or she is in.
This will be posted prior to the Heat Races and should remain the same throughout the program.
Practice may or may not follow these same group numbers.


Dependent on circumstance of the race date, practice may go by an assigned group number or may be divided by like equipment.

Youths will only practice with Youths.

Quads will only practice with Quads.


Be sure to check which race/group you are in and be in Staging on Time.

Heat Races are to qualify for the Main Event and determine starting position.


Main Events should follow the same basic group number format for their running order.

This list will be posted at Sign In and/or at an additional location during the break after the Heats.

Be sure to check which race/group you are in and be in Staging on Time.

An “A” Main and “B” Main may be run if determined necessary by AZFR.
If a Semi Main is deemed more appropriate, it will be the same number of laps as the Heat race for that class.
The number of riders that transfer to the Main or Semi will be determined based on total number of entries.
Youth Classes             Heats – 5 laps              Mains – 6 laps

Open Pro                    Heats – 5 laps              Mains – 10 to 15 laps

All Other Classes       Heats – 5 laps              Mains – 8 to 10 laps

(subject to change based on track conditions and time constraints)

4 Bikes minimum per class (classes may be combined to meet minimum)
Combined Classes – Classes may be separated on the starting line and scored separately if season points apply.

12 Bikes Maximum per Main Event (subject to change based on track and track conditions)

(subject to combination, elimination or expansion as situations mandate)

Youth 50                   50cc Max                Youth Classes Restricted to riders under 16.
Youth 80                   80cc Max                Youths may ride same bike in one class up.
Youth 100                 100cc Max              Ex. A 50 may ride in 80, but not in 100.                                
Youth 250                 250cc Max              Minimum of 3 entries to make a class.
Youth Pull Start       Pull Start                 Youth Classes will only be combined with other Youth Classes. 

Powder Puff Mini       80cc Max                    Female Riders Only – Any Age
Powder Puff Open     No cc limit                   Female Riders Only – Any Age
Pull Start                     No cc limit                   Pull Start mechanism required
Pit Bike                        No cc limit                   Typical Small Wheels, under 17 inch – Small Frames
Wild Cat                      Single cylinder air cooled 4 stroke – engine vin no larger than 100cc
Wild Coyote               Single cylinder air cooled 4 stroke – engine vin no larger than 200cc                                                     
Wild Javelina              Single or multi cylinder - air or water cooled, 2 or 4 stroke – engine vin no larger than 225cc

PRIMARY CLASSES                                

Modern 250              250cc Max                  1986 and newer - Air or Water Cooled – Any Frame - Based on engine vin.

250 Vintage               250cc Max                  1985 and older - Air Cooled – Twin Shock – Any Frame - Based on engine vin                                              

Open Vintage           250cc Min                  1985 and older - Air Cooled – Twin Shock – Any Frame - Based on engine vin.
SS Vintage                 250cc Min                  Vintage Bikes – Minimum Rider Age 60
Open Veteran            250cc Min                 Minimum Rider Age 40 – No maximum age
Open Senior              250cc Min                 Minimum Rider Age 50 – No maximum age
Open Super Sr.         250cc Min                 Minimum Rider Age 60 – No maximum age
Open Novice             250cc Min.                Beginner Class                       
Open Amateur          250cc Min                 Intermediate Class
Open Expert             250cc Min                 Advanced Class - Not a Money Class

Open Pro                                                      This is the Money Class (1) (2) (3)

(1) Minimum of 4 entries required to run the Open Pro Class. Less than 4 entries will run for 1st place only.

(2) Open Pro riders are NOT eligible to compete in any of the Primary Classes, except Open Expert.
They may compete in the Fun Classes.
(3) Riders from other classes may enter Open Pro with prior AZFR approval.

AZFR reserves the right to determine a racer’s class based on skill level and/or machine.

Cost is determined by Track.
Adobe Mountain Speedway is $25.
Required for every Racer, Family, Spectator, Mechanic, Pit Crew etc. in the Pits.
You must have your Pit Pass prior to Race Sign In.
You must have your Pit Pass at Tech Inspection.

The cost of a Pit Pass, whether for a competitor, pit crew, friend, family or sponsor will be at the discretion of the Race Track and their management.

Pit Passes are NOT transferable or refundable.

Race Entry Fees are subject to change and are Non-Refundable.

ALL YOUTH Classes are FREE to enter with a Pit Pass.

Youth 50 - Youth 80 - Youth 100 - Youth 250 - Youth Pull Start 

Fun Classes: 

Powder Puff - Pull Start - Pit Bike: $10

Wild Cat - Wild Coyote - Wild Javelina: $20

Primary Classes: $30

Pro Class: $50

 “Special Event Classes” may be included in the schedule and any entry fees for such classes will be determined at that time.