Race Format / Classes / FEES

Format Times vary for Tucson and Mohave Valley

Riders Meeting (4:15pm)

Hot Laps (4:30pm)

Dash for Cash - First Race of the program 

Heat Races to qualify for the Main and determine starting positions (6:15pm)

Semis (if necessary)

Main Event

SIGN IN - Opens 3:30pm - Closes at 5:00pm.

HOT LAPS - Riders will be assigned to a Hot Lap Group based on their motorcycle and a sticker with this number will be provided when signing in. 
The sticker needs to be applied to the front number plate so to assist staging workers in getting you in the correct group.

It is the rider’s responsibility to know which Hot Lap Group he or she is in. And to be in staging on time.

HEAT RACES - Heat Race running order and starting positions will be posted at Sign In by the conclusion of Hot Laps.

Each race will be assigned a number, and it the responsibility of the racer to know which Heat they are in, what their starting position is and to be in staging on time. Heat Races are to qualify for the 12 rider Main Event and determine starting position.

Multiple Heat Races may be run for classes with a large number of entries.

SEMI MAIN - If a Semi is required to trim the entries to the 12 starting positions for the Main Event, they will run before the first Main in order to give the riders as much time as possible to prepare for the Main Event. Semis will be the same number of laps as their Heat.

The number of direct transfers from the Heats and Semi will be determined based on the number of entries in the affected class.

MAIN EVENTS - Main Event running order, which is generally the same as the Heats, and starting positions will be posted at Sign In after the Heats have been finalized. Each Main will be assigned a number, and it the responsibility of the racer to know which Main they are in, what starting position they have, and to be in staging on time.

4 Bikes minimum per class (classes may be combined)
Combined Classes – Will be scored separately for awards and points.

12 Bikes Maximum per Main Event (subject to change based on track and track conditions)

(subject to combination, elimination or expansion as situations mandate)

Youth 50                    50cc   Max                  Youth Classes Restricted to riders 14 years old and under.
Youth 85                    85cc   Max                   Youths may ride same bike in one class up.
Youth 110                   110cc Max                   Ex. a 50 may also compete in the 85 class, but not in 110.                                
Youth 150                   150cc Max                  Minimum of 3 entries to make a class, or classes will be combined.
Powder Puff Mini      85cc Max                     Female Riders Only – Any Age
Powder Puff Open     No cc limit                  Female Riders Only – Any Age
Pull Start                     No cc limit                  Operational Pull Start mechanism required. 

Pit Bike                        No cc limit                  Typical Small Wheels (14" & smaller) – Small Frames 
Wild Coyote               225cc Max                   Single or multi cylinder - air or water cooled, 2 or 4 stroke – engine vin no larger than 225cc                                                            
Vintage 250               250cc Max                  1985 and older - Air Cooled – Any Frame -  Based on engine vin.                                            

Vintage Singles         No cc Limit                1985 and older - Air Cooled – Single Cylinder – Any Frame - Year based on engine vin.
Vintage Twins           No cc Limit                1985 and older - Twin Cylinder  – Any Frame - Year based on engine vin.

AZ Hooligan              No cc Limit                Two or More cylinders - Air or Water Cooled - Any Year - Any Frame   

Modern 250              250cc Max                  1986 and newer - Air or Water Cooled – Based on engine vin. - Typical DTX class.                                           .
Open Veteran           No cc Limit                Any Bike - Minimum Rider Age 40 – No maximum age
Open Senior             No cc Limit                Any Bike - Minimum Rider Age 50 – No maximum age
Open Nov                 No cc Limit                Any Single Cylinder Bike - Beginner Riders

Open Amateur         No cc Limit                Any Single Cylinder Bike - Intermediate Riders                   
Open Expert            No cc Limit                 Any Single Cylinder Bike - Advanced Class - Not a Money Class
Open Pro                                                      This is the Money Class (1) (2) Any Bike - DTX & Framers.

(1) Minimum of 4 entries required in Open Pro Class for Guaranteed Purse. 
(2) Riders from other classes may enter Open Pro with prior AZFR approval on a Provisional Basis.

AZFR reserves the right to determine a racer’s class based on skill level and/or machine.

Cost is determined by Track.
Required for every Racer, Family, Spectator, Mechanic, Pit Crew etc. in the Pits.
You must have your Pit Pass prior to Race Sign In.
The cost of a Pit Pass, whether for a competitor, pit crew, friend, family or sponsor will be at the discretion of the Race Track and their management. Pit Passes are NOT transferable or refundable.


Race Entry Fees are subject to change and are Non-Refundable.

AZFR MEMBERS -                                                                                            

Youth 50, 85, 110, 150 Classes-FREE                                                                             
Fun Classes: $10 - $20 each                                                                                           
Primary Classes: $30    
Pro Class: $50

 “Special Event Classes” may be included in the schedule and any entry fees for such classes will be determined at that time.

​​​NO Entry Fee

 Price Increases 



Open Knobby          No cc Limit                 Any Single Cylinder Bike - Knobby Tires - No DOT Approved or Dual Purpose Tires



MEMBER PRICES - Non-Members Add $10ea

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