AZ Flattrack Racing

Many people may be new to Flat Track or just Racing in general, as such, some of the following info may go into more detail than a seasoned racer requires. It is also possible that our rules, policies and procedures do NOT match those of other race tracks, organizations or association. 

It is the responsibility of each racer to know them and ensure that all members of their pit crew, friends and family know and abide by them. That's why they are posted in a public access forum.

It is the intent of AZ Flattrack Racing LLC to create a family friendly atmosphere with fair and safe rules, regulations and standards for the betterment of the competition and growth of the sport, while maintaining traditional flat track standards and values.
All conduct by anyone in attendance, whether on the Track, in the Pits or in any Spectator area, shall be courteous, respectful and professional at all times.

Pit speed is limited to reasonable and prudent. If you don't know what that is, then you should just push your bike.

NO Burn Outs or test starts in the Pit Area.

Helmets are required in the Pits when riding.

If allowed by track, any and all pets shall be on a leash and secured at ALL times.

The Pits, at any motor sport event, are inherently NOT a safe place.

Please pay extra attention to your surroundings and the environment.

​Minor children will not be allowed to run wild. 

Children are NOT allowed to operate scooters or bicycles in the Pits.

Responsibilities for their actions and behavior will fall upon their parent or guardian.

Physical or verbally abusive confrontations with any Track Official, competitor, pit crew or family will not be tolerated.

A good rule is to allow yourself enough time to calm down before approaching anyone.

Charging into a competitors pit, or getting into a Track Official's face, immediately after a race is never a good idea and will be dealt with if, and when, necessary.

Alcohol is NOT allowed in the pits until after the last race has finished and all competitors are off the track.
Anyone considered to be under the influence of any type of altering substance, drugs and/or alcohol, will be banned from participation, in any capacity, and will be removed from the facility.

Any and all disputes or questions will be settled by an AZ Flattrack Racing designee and are final.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Unsportsmanlike conduct is any action or threat of action jeopardizing the safety of another rider or another person(s) at the event. Riders and their guests are expected to show mature behaviors and attitudes, whether on or off the track, towards other riders, family, crew and Track Officials.

Riders are also responsible for the actions of their crews and guests and riders are subject to penalties for their crew/guest(s) actions.

Unsportsmanlike offenses include, but are not limited to:

Physical or verbally abusive confrontations  with any Track Official, competitor, pit crew or family.
Rough, overly aggressive or dangerous riding and/or activities on the track.
Intentionally or recklessly hitting another rider while on the track.
Intentionally or recklessly forcing another rider off of the racing groove.
Causing bodily harm to another rider, or anyone else, while on or off the track.
Intentionally or recklessly damaging the property of another while on or off the track.
Threatening any of the above listed actions.
Arguing or belligerent attitudes with Track Officials or flag crew.

While racing, if the open black flag is shown to a rider, it is in the judgment of the race officials that the rider is endangering others and that rider is no longer being scored and must pull into the infield near the Starter.  Failure to do so may result in additional penalties. 

Additional explanation is listed under Flags - Lights.

Penalties for any infraction will be at the sole discretion of Track Officials, are not subject to protest and do not grant the offender any rights to any monetary refund. The severity of the penalty will be based on actions required to protect the safety of others and to prevent such actions from reoccurring.

AZ Flattrack Racing LLC has a zero tolerance for any activity that shows reckless, disrespectful, aggressive or inappropriate behavior on the track, or in the pits!

Riders may be disqualified from the event and/or future events, if and when, deemed appropriate and necessary by AZFR LLC and/or Track Officials.