Cancellation Policy
Subject to individual Track Policies & Procedures.
AZFR will make every effort to get the races in, but some situations will be out of our control.

Rider’s Meeting
Attendance for all riders is mandatory.
It is important that all riders understand the procedures of the day, which can change from one event to another. 

The classes, running order, number of laps and other points of note will be announced at this meeting.
The running order and/or number of laps may be changed later for time limit or track durability reasons at the discretion of AZFR. If there is a change after the riders’ meeting, riders will be informed as soon as possible.

Tech Inspection
Each motorcycle must go through, and pass, tech inspection prior to being allowed on the track.
Tech Inspection will concentrate on issues related to Pit Pass, General Safety Rules, Rider Safety Equipment, Numbers and Number Plates, Exhaust and Tires.

General Mechanical Safety Rules
NO Front Brakes. (removal of activation lever will suffice)
All levers to be ball end.
No sharp edges.
Shifters, Foot Pegs and Foot Brakes should be covered in rubber.
All racing vehicles will be equipped with a self-closing throttle and a functioning kill switch.
Any unsafe mechanical conditions, as pointed out by an AZF official, will be repaired or corrected before being allowed onto the track.

Rider Safety Equipment
It is mandatory that all racers are required to wear a helmet, eye protection (goggles or face shield), gloves, boots that cover the ankle, long sleeve tops and long leg pants.
Any and all rider safety equipment is subject to AZFR inspection. 
AZFR will immediately notify the rider of any safety equipment that does not meet approval and will expect it repaired or replaced before they are allowed to race. Some things may be give until the next race date.

Fire Extinguishers
A functioning fire extinguisher is mandatory in each pit and subject to AZFR inspection.

All racing motors, whether 2 strokes or 4 strokes, will be equipped with a functioning muffler.
NO straight pipes, open megaphones or stingers. The decision as to whether or not a bike meets this criterion will be made by the Tech Inspector. A one race waiver may be available on a case by case basis.
Any excessively loud motorcycle, even if equipped with a muffler, will be given one warning to rectify the issue before the next race. Failure to heed the warning and fix the problem will result in a disqualification.

All Motorcycle Classes Require Class C or DOT Approved, Street Legal, tires.
Youth, and classes 100cc and under, are exempt at this time.
Class C = Dual Sport, Trials, Street, Racing.  
NO Knobbies!   (If in doubt, ASK.) 

Gasoline ONLY.  Pump or Racing.
Wireless Communications
The use of any form of a wireless communication device, whether it be a radio, cell phone or similar device, is strictly prohibited between any competitor and any other person/s, on or off the track, during a practice and/or race.
First violation will result in disqualification and a one race suspension.
A Second violation will result in disqualification and a six race suspension.

Racing Numbers
Must not currently be in use by another AZFR member.                                                          
Previous year members will have priority.                                                                                                                      
MUST be a NUMBER. Not a Letter, Design or Symbol.             
To avoid any unnecessary duplications, and scoring errors, the AZFR number should be the SAME for any class or any bike a competitor enters.    (Borrowed bikes may be an exception)                                                                 
Youth, Powder Puff, Fun Classes, Quads, Pull Start, etc can use duplications of other classes.

The #1 is reserved for the previous season’s class champion, in the class that they won it in.

(AZFR assumes no responsibility for failure to get scored due to numbers that do not conform, are duplications or are too difficult to read.)

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